Welcome, we can’t wait to meet you and baby at one of our post natal fitness courses in Margate, Kent.


After the workout …we play!

Bubba Bumps Fitness is more then an ordinary group fitness class…we nurture mums back to fitness through a fun and safe workout plan and the most important part…

play time with baby!

We have been running since 2017 and we can’t wait to welcome more mums in 2023!

HERE’S What our clients have to say…

.My son and I love bubba bumps fitness we look forward to it every week. Definitely recommend I always come away feeling great. Michelle is lovely and makes it so much fun.


I can't recommend this class enough; my baby and I both look forward to it every week! Michelle is so motivational and friendly, and varies every class so nothing is repetitive. Her choice of music is spot on and her enthusiasm rubs off. This class has made me feel like myself again!


It gives me the kick I need to try and get moving and eating a bit healthier and has helped me get some confidence back and feel more like me again post baby. It's nice to do something for me but with having my little one safely with me finding it all v funny. I'm still a way off my pre baby weight but I feel so much happier with my post baby body and a big part of that is down to bubba bumps fitness so thank you Michelle 😘 xxx


Such fun workout sessions where you can feel comfortable to work out with other mums and the babies can enjoy the classes too. Michelle is full of energy and works you hard from start to finish. The exercises vary week to week so you can never get bored. I look forward to our classes each week. Thank you Michelle!

Update- after 2 1/2 terms I’ve lost half a stone and inches all over. More importantly I’ve made some lovely new friends whilst feeling better about myself after two children, defiantly recommend it for all mums.


I absolutely love these classes. I’ve been going for about 6 months and really look forward to them each week. It’s a fantastic work out in a really supportive environment, and great for socialisation for the babies and mums.

Michelle’s enthusiasm is incredible, I don’t know how she does it! Really dreading my mat leave ending and not being able to come anymore!


This is the best Mummy & baby class in Thanet! That’s a big statement but absolutely true.The music,the moves and having your baby help you tone those biceps 😊 makes for a great combo. My son loves the 🎶 .We were so tired of ‘going round the mulberry bush’ and Michelle has given us the best alternative.She’s full of energy,makes the moves easy to follow and encourages us every step of the way. I feel fitter and happier,almost ready for the LBD 👗.Cannot recommend highly enough!


Michelle was amazing right from the moment i approached her. We talked about what i needed and how she could help me with my fitness post baby. By week 5 i was no longer leaking and my confidence improved.

Bubba Bumps Fitness

& Pelvic Floor Rehab


Your class has been an important part of my mothering. You're amazing energy and zest for exercise and life. I can't be michelle-less for the rest of my days!​


bubba bumps fitness

Bubba Bumps Fitness

Post Natal Exercise to Music with Baby

You will be safe in Exercise, You will meet Mummy friends and you will have FUN.  With all the different Mum and Baby courses in Thanet, this one is about Mum. Baby loves watching you workout to motivating music. Babies do get a chance to have

‘Mum and Me’ time. We deeply screen all Mums with our online deep screen form before your Bubba Bumps Fitness course begins. To make sure this is the right course for you. We help you with your pelvic floor and c-section recovery through safe movement to music. Optional tummy checks are offered to all Mums. To check for Diastasis Recti. This is the common tummy separation that happens when baby is in your tummy. If we feel you need further help with this we do have our bespoke Diastasis Recti Rehab program, offered only as 1:1.


Your instructor Michelle Watkins… is a post natal fitness expert. You are in super safe hands.

Your post natal journey is important, we feel all new Mums deserve to know how to move safely after having a baby. So that you feel confident in your mind and body.

Some beautiful moments…

‘Mum and Me’ time

OUTDOOR POST NATAL FITNESS…during the summer months…

We love to take our beloved bubba bumps fitness outdoors and turn it into “BUGGY BUMPS” …it is so lovely to exercise outside in the summer months … over looking Palm Bay !


Our beloved Bubba Bumps Fitness course just outdoors!



APPLY FOR Our New Bubba Bumps Fitness Course

We will get back to you in 24 hours to confirm your place. This is a post natal fitness exercise to music course for Mum and Baby.

For 6 weeks at £65.00

FREE Deep Online Health Screen Consultation and optional tummy check included



2024 new dates

Wednesday 21st February - Wednesday 27th March 2023






Wednesday’s 11.45-12.30am


How much?


*For low income families or circumstances beyond your control, weekly payment plans available. Please note T&C’s apply to all.

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